Sustainable Building Design is not just a solar hot water system and a water tank. At Ecolibrium we take it much further than that.

With a passion for the environment and design we understand that a balance needs to be found between the impact of a building on the environment and the realities of budget and everyday practicalities.

We can also explore the best options for renovations and retrofits to improve the functionality and efficiency of existing buildings.

Sustainable design is all we do.

We strive to design efficient, healthy buildings of minimal impact, within budgets through:

  • clever, efficient design
  • use of sophisticated 3D computer modelling
  • extensive experience and construction knowledge
  • broad research of products and systems


Sustainable property planning designs aim to guide you (short or long term) to create a productive system that provides you with a sustainable food and resource supply that will enhance your lifestyle and that of the surrounding environment. Property planning is relevant to any sized block.

The combination of building design and property planning goes a long way towards the ultimate in sustainable design and living.

When the built environment works in harmony with the natural environment (the garden/property) and vice versa; resource, water and energy usage can reach its highest efficiency.

Depending on the desired outcomes and site characteristics, property planning can utilise a number of approaches including;

  • permaculture design
  • revegetation
  • tree farming






Sustainable buildings are no longer optional – they are essential.







We offer a complete service from concept design, through to construction documentation. We can also assist with liaising with the builder and do inspections of the construction to ensure that the level of finish and quality you expect is ensured. Fees are tailored to suit each project. Generally fixed fees are agreed to prior to commencement of design. Small or speculative jobs can be billed at an hourly rate.

The client is encouraged to be highly involved in all aspects of the design process to ensure that you are happy and comfortable with the design, and the procedure (and costs) required from concept to construction.

We use sophisticated 3D computer modelling throughout the design process to ensure maximum design performance. Rendered images assist the client in fully understanding the design intent.

We pride ourselves on high quality  documentation which improves the ability for builders to accurately price a project and reduce discrepancies and uncertainties on site.

We liaise directly with engineers and other consultants, certifiers and council. We will give you an indication of all fees and charges during an initial meeting so that you can budget more accurately.

If you would like to ask any questions or would like to arrange an obligation free meeting to discuss our services or to view our full portfolio, please feel free to contact us.